Тамбовский Волк (tambov_wolf) wrote,
Тамбовский Волк

Но дело его живёт и процветает

Заглянул сегодня в папку со спамом, обнаружил что мужик не умер, просто теперь он служит в американской армии:

My name is captain. Rivera. and I was a member of the US ARMY medical team deployed to Iraq and then later transferred to Afghanistan.I am looking for a trust worthy individual who will assist me in receiving some funds for me. I am requesting this individual to hold onto the cash until I arrive safely back to retrieve them.
As soon as I hear back I will work out the finer details.

Но дело его не заглохло и в самой Африке:

From United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA)
Address of Corporate Headquarters
Carrefour des trois Banques Avenue
Pape Jean Paul II, Cotonou, Benin
Postal Address: 01 BP 2020 Cotonou

Notification of Your Loaded ATM VISA Card Is Ready

We hereby officially notifying you about the present arrangement to pay you, your over due Winning Prize/inheritance fund which you could not complete the process of
the released of your transfer pin code through the Digitized Payment System. and you have spend a lot of money and a lot time sending money to different people just to
make sure you receive your fund and after set and done your received nothing. We have decided to pay your funds through (ATM VISA Card) This arrangement was initiated /constituted by the World Bank, United Nation and Paris Club, due to fraudulent activities going on within the world.

Кроме того ПорнХаб просит подтвердить подписку, причем обратный адрес указывает не на порносайт, а на онлайн-продавца автозапчастей.
Не очень понятно как они связаны. Ну и как обычно - какой-то криворукий имбецил зарегистрировал свой новый мобильник на мой email.

Наверное надо почаще заглядывать, а то в моей папке со спамом идёт такая интересная жизнь что жаль её упускать.

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